Crestline Publicly Commits to Mission: Zero

July 18, 2017 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Crestline Coach, a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses, attended the Eighth Annual Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership conference on June 8th to publicly sign the “Mission: Zero” charter on behalf of the organization, its employees and their families. In front of over 280 local and regional business and community leaders, Crestline signed the charter joining over 600 Saskatchewan companies who previously signed the charter.

“The health and safety of our employees has always been a priority of Crestline.  We believe that the highest level of workplace safety can be achieved through fostering a safe work environment, creating a sustaining focus on safety and by developing and permeating a mindful culture of health and safety throughout the entire organization.” says Steve Hoffrogge, President & CEO, Crestline Coach. “Only by cultivating all three elements, can we ensure the safety of our employees.”

Richard Valenti, VP of Operations and Jay Janzen, Lean & Quality Manager
The purpose of the Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter “Mission: Zero” is to form the foundation for a cultural shift in the way Saskatchewan leaders view injuries and injury prevention. The Charter advocates for the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces and communities with the goal of having zero injuries.  After signing the Charter, leaders are invited to join the Leadership Learning Community and continue the discussion.

“By signing the charter, Crestline is making a public statement that we subscribe to the principle that nothing is more important than the health, safety, and well being of our employees, customers, contractors, clients, visitors and, when possible, the surrounding community,” says Richard Valenti, VP of Operations. “We know that zero workplace injuries is an achievable number and we are committed to reaching that goal at Crestline because nothing we do is worth getting injured over.”

What is Mission: Zero and what does it mean to Crestline? 
  • Mission: Zero means working toward zero injuries, zero fatalities, zero suffering.
  • It means believing all unintentional injuries are predictable and preventable.
  • It means that the only right number of unintentional injuries and fatalities is ZERO.
  • It means becoming a champion to make my community a safer place to live, work, and play.
  • It means, as employees and citizens, we are going to work together to make Saskatchewan the safest province to live, work and play.
  • It means, at my company, we believe in Mission: Zero. We put safety first and prevent injuries to ourselves, our co-workers, our families and neighbours.
  • It is up to all of us to prevent injuries.
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Crestline Coach Ltd. is a worldwide leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses. With safety, innovation and durability always at the forefront of their business, Crestline exceeds and inspires today’s industry standards.
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