1st Manufacturer with a BNQ standard certified ambulance, Summit 150 - Type 3

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July 27, 2016 – Quebec, Canada – Crestline is proud to announce we are the first manufacturer to have certified our product, the Summit 150 - Type 3 Ambulance to the new BNQ-1013-110-2014 standard for the province of Quebec, Canada. The certification process was started at the beginning of the year and culminated with the Certificate of Conformity being issued on July 27, 2016.

The BNQ 1013-110 standard sets minimum requirements, performance parameters and key criteria for ambulances, with respect to interior layout, functionality, external features, comfort and safety. For an ambulance to meet this standard, its specifications must meet a number of requirements: general, specific for the vehicle’s mechanical and electrical systems and specific for the ambulance module.

“To achieve the BNQ certification we developed a completely new ambulance model that not only complied with all aspects of the new BNQ ambulance standard but was also pleasing and functional for our customers.” Mark Ingram, Testing & Certification Specialist, Crestline Coach proudly shares.

“Paramedic and patient safety is one of the pillars Crestline Coach was founded on,” explains Scott Sawatsky, VP Sales and Marketing, Crestline Coach. “On the journey to become BNQ 1013 certified we worked closely with our customers and were the first to have our product certified. Our customers are thrilled with the new ambulances that not only maximize safety but also improves the ergonomics and workspace efficiency for the paramedics.”

Crestline has been working with customers in the province of Quebec since 2008. Our product offering has evolved in response to their specific needs. Crestline takes pride in being a custom manufacturer, who works with each customer to build a product that meets their standards in a functional and safe way.

The BNQ 1013-110 certification makes it possible to ensure a standard of high-quality ambulances. “We look forward to working with our new customers to address their safety and efficiency concerns under the umbrella of the new BNQ standard,” Mike Harbec, Regional Sales Leader – Eastern Canada, Crestline Coach.

BNQ Certificate Of Conformity (Sommet 150)


Important improvements:
Several new added value features have been incorporated, such as:
  • Anti-microbial additive on all interior painted surfaces – improvement in infection control
  • Fixed seating for medics – increasing medic safety
    • Ability to provide patient care while remaining seated and belted
    • Access to bags and equipment while seated
  • Improved ergonomics
    • Improved interior height
    • Improved placement for console switching/controls
  • Space provided for all required medical equipment/supplies
  • Heated compartments
  • Increasing medic comfort
    • Lowered entry/exit steps
    • Improved door handles
    • Improved lighting
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For more information:
Mike Harbec, Regional Leader, Ambulance Division, Eastern Canada