Crestline’s Spotlight on Success Recipient, Peterborough Paramedics!

June 30, 2015 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada - We’re honoring and shining the spotlight on Peterborough Paramedics who serve the county and city of Peterborough, Ontario which includes a population of 138,000 and roughly 3848 square kilometers. The Peterborough Paramedics are led by 28 year veteran, Chief of Paramedics, Randy Mellow, who also accepted the coveted position as the new President of the Paramedics Chiefs of Canada earlier this month.

Peterborough Paramedics have 145 staff which includes 24 Advance Care Paramedics and 100 Primary Care Paramedics. Their fleet of 22 emergency vehicles, which includes Crestline Fleetmax & Commander ambulances, emergency response and support units, allows these skilled and compassionate paramedics to keep up with their busy days in the safest way possible! Last year, 24,226 calls were documented, which is an average of 66 calls per day, and based on statistics, the demand growing!

What amazes us is how this hardworking group is able to attend every call, saving life after life, plus find time to be involved with many charity groups and participate in countless community initiatives! Chief Mellow tells us, “I attribute the health and success of our organization to the dedication and compassion of our staff from front line medic to the members of our leadership team.”

Outside of a regular day, Peterborough also gives back by working closely with Habitat for Humanity, Swim to Survive, Sirens for life Blood Drive, Paramedic Week events and too many more to mention. What surprised us is the International volunteer mission work they are doing in countries like Nicaragua, Uruguay and Haiti! If these folks aren’t true heroes – than who is?

Thank you to Peterborough Paramedics for their bravery, compassion and endless commitment to humanity!

Peterborough Paramedics headquarters is stationed in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Learn more about Peterborough Paramedics by following them on Twitter  or Facebook.

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