"Revolutionary Ambulance Orientation”
for Frontenac Paramedic Services

October 28, 2015 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Initial training for the revolutionary Crestline ICON 2.0 Next Generation Ambulance kicked off this morning at Frontenac Paramedic Services, located in the County of Frontenac, Ontario, Canada.

The ICON 2.0 was developed by Crestline through a joint collaboration with Frontenac Paramedic Services and Ferno Washington. Orientation and initial training commences today with Frontenac Paramedic Services. Next month the ambulance will begin a rigorous 90 day beta trial with Frontenac Paramedics as a next generation ambulance for the future.

The ICON 2.0 is based on Crestline’s previous ICON model and features the new Ford Transit cutaway chassis. Crestline incorporated the fully Integrated Patient Transport System (IPTS) which includes Ferno’s new iN∫X cot, the new iNTraxx storage system and SafePaks. It also features the AceTech Vehicle Intelligence System, a solution that provides a stream of real-time information which empowers you to take control of the operational performance, driver behavior of individual vehicles and your entire fleet.

The ambulance incorporates the latest advances in safety for patients and paramedics, improved design flexibility, ergonomics, work space efficiency and inventory management, while reducing the overall operating costs such as fuel and maintenance.

Ambitions to make the ambulance ‘greener’ were achieved by reducing the carbon footprint with lower emissions. Solar panels were incorporated to power the life-saving equipment onboard as well as the conversion batteries. Overall, this will result in less maintenance and better fuel economy.

Find more details on the ICON 2.0 in the new ambulance ebook.

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