Crestline Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018 – Saskatoon, SK, Canada – Crestline Coach, a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses, is celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing all the brilliant women employed at Crestline.  

The Manufacturing industry has traditionally been male dominated with only 5.6% consisting of women, based on the national average. At Crestline, 20% of its overall workforce is female with more than 9% in Management positions, 21% in Technology, and 24% in Design & Engineering.  

As part of Crestline’s mission statement, our organization aims to create an environment that fosters employee opportunity, empowerment and personal growth. Taking a closer look at the percentages of women at Crestline, this statement becomes clear: diversity and gender equality shines throughout the company.

“A key factor to our success is the diverse group of employees who have chosen to make Crestline Coach their professional home,” Steve Hoffrogge, President & CEO recently said. 

Last year the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters identified the need to attract more women into manufacturing careers and launched its Women in Manufacturing Working Group, which is dedicated to supporting, promoting and inspiring women to pursue careers in manufacturing.  The group is focusing its efforts on three pillar, one of them being to engage and inspire young women by introducing them to STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), an area historically with low participation amongst women.

Cassidy Beilhartz, CAD Designer found her passion for designing and fixing problems while growing up on a farm. “When machinery broke, we would often fix it at home,” Cassidy said, “It also helped that math and science came easily to me in school so when picking a career path engineering just seemed like the perfect fit.” Kara Bassingthwaite, Product Design Specialist, Engineer-In-Training said, “I decided to go into engineering because subjects like math and science always came naturally to me. Engineering seemed like the best fit for expanding on that knowledge and putting it to practical use.”  

In a world dominated by societal pressures for women to conform to traditional roles; these women followed their passion of math and sciences to help make a difference in the world. “What is great about engineering is that you can use what you have learned and put it to use in the real world,” Kara Bassingthwaite says. 

Crestline knows that each step taken in recognizing the accomplishments and attributes of women in the workplace, and by sharing a vision for strengthening their position in manufacturing, is a move in the right direction. 

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Crestline Coach Ltd. is a worldwide leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing and a Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses.  With safety, innovation and durability always at the forefront of their business, Crestline exceeds and inspires today’s industry standards.
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