Essex-Windsor EMS Inspires Newest Safety Innovation In Vehicle Informatics/Patient Transport

December 15, 2014 – Windsor, ON, Canada – This year Essex-Windsor EMS’s seven brand new ambulances are hitting the road, but not without an innovative new feature to keep all passengers safer during patient transport utilizing technology never before seen in the EMS industry. Through a successful partnership between Crestline and Ferno ACETECH, the inventive and knowledgeable senior management team at Essex-Windsor EMS inspired a solution that paves the way for universal safety standards during patient transport. These new Crestline ambulances are equipped with the Ferno ACETECH Informatics and Monitoring Modules, making them some of the safest vehicles in Canada.  Essex-Windsor EMS is the first to have ambulances with a comprehensive integrated seat belt monitoring and management system with the ability to track seat belt usage in all five seating positions in the vehicle.


“Every day, we are looking at ways to make our vehicles safer for both our paramedics and the patients we serve”, says Bruce Krauter, Essex-Windsor EMS Chief. “This technology allows our staff to administer critical medical care in a safe environment.”

Before the ambulance takes to the road, the driver will have the knowledge if the paramedic working in the back of the vehicle is properly seated and restrained. If the paramedic in the patient area is not belted in, a visual and audible warning will indicate to the driver that the paramedic in the back is not secure. The onboard Ferno ACETECH Informatics and Monitoring Modules track the seat pan and seat belt sensors, instantly sending this safety data back to the supervisor on duty or management to assess the potential risk situation.

Although paramedics understand the importance of following safety protocols, when busy working on a patient their own safety can be neglected.

It is a proven fact that seat belts save lives. Transport Canada states that for every one percent increase in seat belt usage, five lives are saved. With that in mind, Essex-Windsor EMS aims to use Ferno ACETECH’s new module to both reinforce this idea and monitor how well it is practiced on a day to day basis among their own paramedics. Wearing seat belts ensures that the occupants are fully restrained, reduces impact and injury to themselves and also potential injury to the patient or anyone else traveling in the vehicle.

“Monitoring and reducing risk are key components of our strategic plans”, says Dean Wilkinson, Essex-Windsor EMS Deputy Chief. “We strive to maintain the highest safety standards for those who are here to keep our community safe.”

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