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Advanced Life Support Ambulances

Crestline Ambulances eBook
This eBook gives an inside look into how Crestline product is manufactured to be the safest and most durable product in the marketplace. Readers will also learn how Crestline is continuing advances in ambulance safety and patient care through unparalleled designs and industry firsts.

  New Era Type III Ambulance
Most popular for large urban fleets

The New Era is our most popular ambulance chosen by large urban fleets due to its easy handling in congested streets. Features squad bench seating., plenty of cabinet space and room for equipment storage.


ICON 2.0 Type III Ambulance
Advancing Care Through Safety, Ergonomics & Flexibility             

Crestline's ICON 2.0 Type III ambulance is the result of a joint collaboration among EMS industry professionals to create a safer, more ergonomic and efficient ambulance, equipped with the technology to empower fleet management and reduce operating costs. 


  FleetMax Type III Ambulance 
Top Product Choice For Busy Urban EMS Services
FleetMax ambulance is an economical, durable and popular choice among our customers. The FleetMax comes in a traditional squad bench arrangement, providing medics with an abundance of ergonomic working space and substantial room for equipment storage. Available in single or dual cot configurations.

  Commander Type III Ambulance
Tough Enough For Rural EMS Services
The Commander's large, spacious layout provides medics with an abundance of headroom, space for patient care and equipment storage. The side facing CPR seat optimizes critical patient care and maximizes crew comfort. Available in single or dual cot configurations.


Summit Ambulance

Leading Safety, Innovation and Durability For 
Fire Departments, EMS Services & First Responders

Summit 170 Type I
Summit 170 Type III  

The Summit Series incorporates the latest innovations in ambulance design and technology, leading the industry in safety and durability. The Summit is available in two flexible configurations; the traditional squad bench arrangement and Crestline's medic-safe seating design that converts to additional countertop space or for second patient transport.


Crestline meets and exceeds all industry standards with proven engineering.