Public Transit Buses

Public Transit Buses

Things to consider when purchasing your transit bus

  Low Floor vs High Floor: Bus solutions
to suit your application

  Passenger Capacity & Accessibility: Custom floor plans, lifts, ramps & wheelchair securements

  Fuel Requirements: Fuel economy
& operating costs

  Smart Bus Technology: Real-time tracking
& scheduling info

  Service: Support throughout the life
of the bus

Federal & Provincial
Transport Regulations

 Contact a Crestline Sales Consultant to learn more about choosing the right bus for your transit system.


Aerolite  Learn more
Up to 14 Passengers
      Impulse Learn more
Up to 28 passengers

LF Transport  Learn more
Up to 27 Passengers
Low Floor Bus

      Spirit of Freedom  Learn more
Up to 23 Passengers

Low Floor Bus

Terra Transit  Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers

      AeroTech  Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers


Odyssey  Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers
      Aero Elite  Learn more
Up to 33 Passengers

Odyssey XL  Learn more
Up to 37 Passengers