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The Crestline Advantage

Since 1975 Crestline has paved the way with industry
innovations, manufacturing the safest and most advanced ambulances and emergency vehicles on the road. Crestline works with you as a partner through consultation, design, manufacturing and delivery. We've been meeting the needs of our customers in over 30 countries around the world, delivering more than 300 ambulances a year. Our formula for success, the Crestline Advantage consists of 3 key values we excel at: Safety, Innovation & Durability


Summit Ambulance Series
Leading Safety, Innovation and Durability For 
Fire Departments, EMS Services & First Responders
Summit 170 Type I
Summit 170 Type III         

The Summit Series incorporates the latest innovations in ambulance design and technology, leading the industry in safety and durability. The Summit is available in two flexible configurations; the traditional squad bench arrangement and Crestline's medic-safe seating design that converts to additional countertop space or for second patient transport.



FleetMax Type III Ambulance
Top Product Choice
For Busy Urban EMS Services
FleetMax ambulance is an economical, durable and popular choice among our customers. The FleetMax comes in a traditional squad bench arrangement, providing medics with an abundance of ergonomic working space and substantial room for equipment storage. Available in single or dual cot configurations.



Commander Type III Ambulance
Tough Enough For Rural EMS Services
The Commander's large, spacious layout provides medics with an abundance of headroom, space for patient care and equipment storage. The side facing CPR seat optimizes critical patient care and maximizes crew comfort. Available in single or dual cot configurations.




Apex Type III Ambulance
Ideal for Urban EMS Services
The Apex is a cost-effective ambulance with advanced maneuverability for crowded city streets. The Apex's ergonomic design provides a spacious patient compartment with the choice of an optional CPR seat or full cabinets.




Sprinter Icon Type III Ambulance

Ergonomic and Fuel-Efficient for Urban EMS Services

The Icon is a progressive ambulance that offers exceptional fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and a lower cost of operation with advanced ergonomic features.


Crestline meets and exceeds all industry standards with proven engineering.