Commander Ambulance


The Commander Type III ambulance is ideal for EMS services that require optimal space for patient care and plenty of room for equipment storage. Whether you are in a rural or urban setting, the Commander’s extended wheelbase will provide paramedics and patients with the safest and smoothest ride. The Commander has an interior headroom of 67" and the Commander XT has additional headroom of 72".

Crestline Commander XTs for the Saudi Arabian National Guard.

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Commander XT brochure
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Chevy Chassis
Wheelbase: 159"
G3500 Diesel 12,300 GVWR
G3500 Gas 12,300 GVWR
G4500 Diesel 14,200 GVWR
G4500 Gas 14,200 GVWR

Ford Chassis
Wheelbase: 158"
E350 Gas 12,500 GVWR
E450 Gas 14,050 GVWR

Body Style: Aerobody
Module Length: 164"
Module Width: 94"
Interior Headroom: 67" or 72"

Ergonomics & Flexibility

The Commander’s large, spacious design provides medics with an abundance of ergonomic working space for patient care and substantial room for equipment storage. The Commander is available in two configurations; squad bench with a single or dual cot and a CPR seat or medic-safe seating with moveable bucket seats that fold down for a second patient transport or counter space. Optional full cabinets instead of CPR seat if desired.


The Crestline Advantage - World Class In Safety
Ambulances known to provide world class safety for both patients and medics due to the strength of our roll cage design.

CrestCoat Exclusive Powder Coat Technology   
Lower your operational costs and downtime by eliminating corrosion.

O2 To Go System
Reduces the risk of injuries and increases the speed of medical assistance.

Integrated Vehicle Intelligence System

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