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Allina Health Emergency Medical Services

After a serious accident involving two medics from Allina Health EMS, President & EMS Chief, Brian LaCroix, set out to challenge the status-quo and work with industry partners to improve the safety of medics and patients. Five manufacturers stepped up to the challenge and three ambulance designs were selected to trial.

"Once the Propotype ambulances were placed in service, one design and manufacturer stood out as the best solution for our needs, Crestline."

 - Brian LaCroix
President & EMS Chief, Allina Health EMS

"Crestline produced a well thought-out vehicle based on our specifications. It is one of a kind. I have no doubt we will continue to innovate year after year."

- Jeff Czyson
Director of Operations, Allina Health EMS

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North Memorial Ambulance Services

"We chose Crestline because we were looking for an ambulance manufacturer that was easy to work with and that provided a solid dependable product at a competitive price. We continue to use Crestline as our primary provider of ambulances because they have proven to be easy to work with, by listening to our needs and providing us with very good customer service. Touring their plant recently, I was very impressed with Crestline's commitment to streamlining processes and visible commitment to quality. They offer a variety of products and are looking toward the future of designing and manufacturing ambulances that are built for advanced safety and ergonomics."

- Rick Wagner
Director Out State and Ancillary Services, North Memorial Ambulance

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Peterborough County/City Paramedics

"Crestline has always delivered excellent after sales service and works well with their customers to resolve any issues or concerns in an expedite manner. Their customer service is above standard in our industry."

- Chris Barry
Deputy Chief, Peterborough County/City Paramedics

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Toronto Paramedic Services

"For over thirteen years Crestline Coach through the open tender process has been the suppler of ambulances and ambulance buses for Toronto EMS. During that time I have found the Crestline team to be very customer service oriented and open to what ever design changes we need to keep up with our ever changing land ambulance transport needs. They have a large service and parts team that provide timely warranty repairs that is critical in reducing down time."

- Ralph Hole
Commander Facilities, Toronto Paramedic Services

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EMS Safety Foundation

"The EMS Safety Foundation would like to express its recognition and also appreciation for Crestline’s contribution as innovators with a leading approach to ambulance development in North America. We appreciate the challenges it takes too be at the leading edge of this industry and also the importance and focus this commitment commands. The EMS Safety Foundation has also recognized your company, the first major ambulance manufacturer to be awarded the EMS Safety Foundation special Industry Partner Award acknowledging this commitment.Crestline’s leadership in the ambulance industry with innovative safety designs and an interdisciplinary approach is greatly valued by the members of the EMS Safety Foundation’s Innovation Consortium. Crestline’s Initiatives that are advancing the safety of medics, patients and the public include ambulance vehicles that have advanced safety features such as enhanced stability control and forward facing seating. These are Crestline ambulance innovations that are being sought by the leaders in the EMS Safety Foundations Innovation Consortium in North America."

- Nadine Levick, MDMPH
CEO, Research Director, EMS Safety Foundation Inc.

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Saskatoon Transit

"Crestline Coach has always been there for us when it comes to warranty issues, general problem solving, and providing information on new products or technologies.  It is great to be in business with a company that has your back and cares about the customer they serve, because we care about the customer we serve.  We look at Crestline Coach more as business partners than simply a buyer/vendor relationship.  They have been instrumental in assisting us with a finished product that stands up to the harsh prairie climate.  I would put our buses up against the best buses in Canada, because we believe that we have the best buses in Canada."
- Bob Howe
Access Transit Manager, Saskatoon Transit

"Saskatoon Transit is proud to have your products as part of our conventional Transit fleet and our Access Transit fleet."
- Mitch Riabko
Branch Manager, Saskatoon Transit

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Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region EMS

"Last night was the first call for our new truck and it was a dual incubator transport! Comments from the air ambulance team on the lift and how easily things clicked into place, bright spacious interior, etc. One person stated how nice of a ride this unit had in the back compared to what they were used to. Awesome!"

- Scott Koza
Manager, Technical And Support Services, Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region EMS

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Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region EMS Neonatal Ambulance press release and photo gallery

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Tri-Med Ambulance

"I was simply tired of the standard units falling apart and the middle of the road quality. The Ford 6 litre units finally drove me to look for a cure. We decided to go with the Chevrolet Gas units instead of diesel. The Chevrolet chassis have performed well above our expectations as have the Crestline conversions. We currently run 25 of the units ranging from new to about 130,000 miles. Again, we couldn’t be happier with the units, our crew members still thank us daily for providing such a quality Crestline unit after years of struggling with other brands. Jim Brooks stopped in a couple years ago driving one of your units, his approach, friendly demeanor, and knowledge of the vehicle made it a must try. The quality and dependability has proven itself, the service after the sale is un-matched in the 25 years I have been in transportation. My thanks to Crestline, and Jim Brooks, for producing a quality product and service, and bringing it right to my door."

- Jay Davidson
Owner, Tri-Med Ambulance

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Kelsey Trail Health Region EMS

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with our new unit. What a world of difference in driving this unit compared to our old one (Ford). The new one handles amazingly, there is very little interior noise in the cab or in the patient area. It is actually possible to do a BP by auscultation - while on the move, which was not possible in our old unit. The ride in the rear is also very good, all in all a great unit! Thanks.

- Gail Deighton
Kelsey Trail Health Region - EMS

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Frontenac Paramedic Services

"I would like to say, that on behalf of our vehicle committee, we appreciated the fact that your team listened to our ideas and worked with us to implement them right up to the final version. We commented on this several times even back in February when we came for the first visit to start this process. This certainly demonstrated to us that ‘innovation’ was not just a word but a practice exercised by everyone at Crestline. Once again thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future."

- Michael van Hartingsveldt
Supervisor - Operations, Frontenac Paramedic Services

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L.A.D.’s Autopro - Calgary, AB

Good Afternoon, I just wanted to say thank you one more time. The training you supplied was very well organized and extremely valuable. The staff at Crestline should be very proud of their efforts for their first seminar. We here at LAD’s have had an outstanding relationship with Crestline over the past years (I believe it is approximately 15 years) and know it will continue for many years to come.

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