EMS Safety Foundation

"The EMS Safety Foundation would like to express its recognition and also appreciation for Crestline’s contribution as innovators with a leading approach to ambulance development in North America. We appreciate the challenges it takes too be at the leading edge of this industry and also the importance and focus this commitment commands. The EMS Safety Foundation has also recognized your company, the first major ambulance manufacturer to be awarded the EMS Safety Foundation special Industry Partner Award acknowledging this commitment.Crestline’s leadership in the ambulance industry with innovative safety designs and an interdisciplinary approach is greatly valued by the members of the EMS Safety Foundation’s Innovation Consortium. Crestline’s Initiatives that are advancing the safety of medics, patients and the public include ambulance vehicles that have advanced safety features such as enhanced stability control and forward facing seating. These are Crestline ambulance innovations that are being sought by the leaders in the EMS Safety Foundations Innovation Consortium in North America."

- Nadine Levick, MDMPH
CEO, Research Director, EMS Safety Foundation Inc.

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