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Announce Saskatchewan Pediatric Ambulance

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August 30, 2016 – Saskatoon, Canada – Crestline Coach is so pleased to be part of a true Saskatchewan Collaboration, “2016 Drive for Kids Campaign”. In partnership with Synergy 8, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan, the Sandra Schmirler Foundation and many other sponsors a fully customized, state-of-the-art Pediatric Ambulance was designed and built for the province of Saskatchewan. This specialized ambulance is built on a 2017 Freightliner M2 diesel chassis which means it will be able to handle all of Saskatchewan’s highways, in all seasons. It can accommodate two patients and four medical staff plus has a four-person cab for the driver, an extra attendant and the patient’s parents.

The 2016 Dive for Kids Campaign is another example of the amazing things that can happen when companies and organizations come together with a common goal. $400,000 was raised for the purchase of a fully equipped Pediatric Ambulance to serve Saskatchewan’s sick children. Many children at their most vulnerable will benefit from this new specialty ambulance. “Speaking on behalf of everyone at Crestline we all take comfort and have pride in knowing this ambulance will make a meaningful difference in the advancement of children’s health in the province of Saskatchewan,” Scott Sawatsky, VP Sales & Marketing Crestline Coach proudly shares.

One of the pillars Crestline was built on over 40 years ago is safety and this ambulance in no exception, great care was taken in every detail. “We worked closely with our partners on creating an ambulance that is specifically designed for Saskatchewan’s youngest patients, one that will accommodate their special needs” says Steve Hoffrogge, President & CEO Crestline Coach. “Crestline is an industry leader when it comes to designing and manufacturing specialty vehicles. We are honored to have worked on this unique project where we can bring our industry expertise to the people of Saskatchewan.”


Special Features:
  • Dual stretcher capability
  • Multiple oxygen & medical air port locations throughout
  • TV with integrated DVD player for the patients and forward facing display so the medics can see the road
  • FLIR ® infrared camera with interior display (assists the driver in the dark)
  • Zone defense camera system with 4 cameras throughout the vehicle (forward facing for medics to see the road, backup camera, patient camera for the driver to see in the back and cab camera)
  • Full Acetech vehicle intelligence system which includes multiple switch panels throughout the unit with driver feedback and AVI (GPS location tracking)
  • Intercom system with silent code light communication between the driver and medics
  • Interior blue and clear lighting and exterior ground lighting
  • Whelen Rota-Beam lightbar and M series lighting
  • Mac Lift for ease of patient entry and exit into the ambulance
“We look forward to seeing this specialty ambulance out on Saskatchewan’s roads, taking care of our most precious resource when they need it most,” says Matt Gibson, Western Ambulance Sales, Crestline Coach.

The Pediatric Ambulance was proudly displayed at yesterday’s Synergy 8 Drive for Kids dinner.
Global News: Synergy 8 reveals new pediatric ambulance for young Sask. patients


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Scott Sawatsky, VP Sales & Marketing