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Saskatchewanderer Tours Crestline For Manufacturing Week

"I had no idea that Saskatchewan was home to a company that produces and ships ambulances all over the world."
- Saskatchewanderer, Andrew Hiltz

Saskatchewan has a reputation about the quality of work that comes out of its companies. During Saskatchewan Manufacturing Week, Crestline Coach takes pride in being a homegrown company with a history of innovation. Thanks to the Saskatchewanderer for touring Crestline.

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Pediatric Ambulance for Saskatchewan's Children

Crestline Coach was so pleased to be a part of the 2016 Drive for Kids Campaign, a true Saskatchewan collaboration. In partnership with Synergy 8, the Children's Hospital Foundation and many other sponsors, a custom designed state-of-the-art Pediatric Ambulance was built for the province of Saskatchewan.
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Crestline Coach - What Makes Saskatchewan Businesses Unique

Steve Hoffrogge, CEO of Crestline Coach: It’s the people – their work ethic and skills – that make businesses in Saskatchewan unique.
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STEP 2016 Exporter of The Year is Crestline Coach

Crestline is the proud recipient of the STEP 2016 Exporter of the Year Award, sponsored by Export Development Canada (EDC). Crestline is a world class manufacturer of ambulances and specialty vehicles, with exports to 32 countries globally and buses distributed across Canada.
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Town of Radisson Receives Ambulance Donation

When a Crestline employees’ son was involved in a tragic accident in Radisson, SK last year, Crestline knew they had to do something. 

“The tragic loss of a young life profoundly impacts all those who were touch by the family's loss including the tight knit work-family here at Crestline,” explains Steve Hoffrogge, President & Chief Executive Officer of Crestline Coach.  “The decision to donate the ambulance has allowed all those involved an avenue to do something positive that will in some small way keep the memories of Ethan present as the ambulance plays a key role in helping those at times when they are most vulnerable.” 

The Town of Radisson has a Fire department with Fire Fighters and First Responders but no ambulance.  Crestline and M.D. Ambulance saw this as an opportunity to get involved and do something positive for the community.  This initiative was kept quiet from the Manson family until last week when they were informed the donation was taking place and a plaque with the inscription “Vehicle donated by M.D. Ambulance and Crestline Coach in memory of Ethan Manson” would be mounted on the interior and the words decaled on the outside of the ambulance. Special thank you to Ferno Canada for donating a stretcher.

Press Release

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New ICON 2.0 Next Generation Ambulance

We are excited to share a sneak peak of Crestline's new ambulance model, the ICON 2.0, featuring the latest advances in safety, ergonomics and flexibility for both patients and paramedics.
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Ferno iN/X Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System

Raise, lower, load, and unload using the world’s first Integrated Patient Transport & Loading System™. The iN∫X system was created with extensive feedback from EMS professionals to protect you from the risk of injury at every step of the call, and make your job easier while enhancing delivery of care. Learn more here

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Crestline Careers

As part of Canada's largest ambulance manufacturer,  you will play a meaningful role in building a product that will help save lives. In addition, public transit ridership is on the rise and the demand for transit services continues to increase. As part of a national bus distributor, you will also play a vital role in supplying healthcare, transit, tour and shuttle buses, enhancing the mobility of Canadians from coast to coast. Learn more about Crestline Careers.
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Frontenac Paramedic Services SimLab

Frontenac Paramedic Services' SimLab is a mobile emergency simulation lab that features a realistic ambulance setting and a full bodied adult wireless patient simulator, SimMan. These simulation training tools allow paramedics to become comfortable in even the rarest situations. It delivers effective and efficient medical training, ultimately improving patient safety throughout the region. Get more information about Frontenac Paramedic Services at
Video produced by Viva Productions.

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Stryker Power-LOAD Cot Fastener System demonstration with WPD Ambulance, 1st in Western Canada to purchase this innovative system.The Power-LOAD cot fastener system improves operator and patient safety by supporting the cot throughout the loading and unloading process.

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More Than A Job: A Calling

EMS week - More than a job - A Calling: Toronto EMS Paramedic Cate L. Cate takes us back to the moment when she realized her passion was to become a Paramedic. Helping people and giving back is what Cate loves to do, and she found her calling as a Paramedic.

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Toronto EMS Crestline Ambulance Tour

A tour through a Crestline Basic Life Support Ambulance by Toronto EMS.
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Saskatoon's New Health Bus

Saskatoon's new health bus will deliver medical treatment to the inner city. This video features exterior and interior footage as well as highlights from the press event.

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New Health Bus Unveiled

Saskatoon Health Region unveiled the new Health Bus today. The bus was made possible with fundraising and support from Synergy 8 Community Builders, PotashCorp, the Ministry of Health and Saskatoon Health Region.
Health Bus Schedule
Macleans Feature "Where The Clinic Hits the Road"

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