June 29, 2016 Crestline and M.D. Ambulance donate Emergency Vehicle to Town of Radisson, in memory of Ethan Manson.

Town of Radisson Receives Ambulance Donation

When a Crestline employees’ son was involved in a tragic accident in Radisson, SK last year, Crestline knew they had to do something. 

“The tragic loss of a young life profoundly impacts all those who were touch by the family's loss including the tight knit work-family here at Crestline,” explains Steve Hoffrogge, President & Chief Executive Officer of Crestline Coach.  “The decision to donate the ambulance has allowed all those involved an avenue to do something positive that will in some small way keep the memories of Ethan present as the ambulance plays a key role in helping those at times when they are most vulnerable.” 

The Town of Radisson has a Fire department with Fire Fighters and First Responders but no ambulance.  Crestline and M.D. Ambulance saw this as an opportunity to get involved and do something positive for the community.  This initiative was kept quiet from the Manson family until last week when they were informed the donation was taking place and a plaque with the inscription “Vehicle donated by M.D. Ambulance and Crestline Coach in memory of Ethan Manson” would be mounted on the interior and the words decaled on the outside of the ambulance. Special thank you to Ferno Canada for donating a stretcher.

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