FleetMax Ambulance

FleetMax - Type III Ambulance
The FleetMax Type III ambulance is a top product choice for busy urban EMS Services. The FleetMax provides the most popular balance of safety, cost-effectiveness, substantial storage and working space. With flexible, custom options, Crestline meets the needs of your fleet.

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 Chassis  Ford E350  Chevrolet G3500
 Overall Length  271" (688.3 cm)  278" (706.1 cm)
 Overall Width (with mirrors)
 112" (284.5 cm)
 112" (284.5 cm)
 Overall Height  100" (254 cm)
 100" (254 cm)
 66" (167.6 cm)
 66" (167.6 cm)
 Wheelbase  158" (401.3 cm)  159" (403.9 cm)
 Payload Capacity  2977 lbs (1350.3 kg)  2613 lbs (1185.2 kg)

Ergonomics & Flexibility

The FleetMax ambulance provides medics with an abundance of ergonomic working space and substantial room for equipment storage. The FleetMax is available in two configurations; squad bench with a single or dual cot, or medic-safe seating with moveable bucket seats that fold down for a second patient transport or counter space.

The Crestline Advantage - World Class In Safety
Ambulances known to provide world class safety for both patients and medics due to the strength of our roll cage design.

CrestCoat Exclusive Powder Coat Technology   
Lower your operational costs and downtime by eliminating corrosion.

O2 to Go System
Reduces the risk of injuries and increases the speed of medical assistance.

Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution.

LiquidSpring Smart Suspension
Experience a smoother, safer ride with the LiquidSpring smart suspension. This is the next generation vehicle suspension system, utilizing a strut with a compressible liquid as the spring/damping medium. And with its sophisticated and patented onboard microprocessor, LiquidSpring adapts the entire vehicle’s response to your various road conditions, giving driver and passenger the ultimate ride.