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The Crestline Advantage - Safety - Innovation - Durability
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One of the safest ambulances for patients and medics
  • With one of the safest roll cage in the industry - Bended roof tubes increases strength (no welds) and exceeds PAMI test requirements, creating a seamless monocoque body.
  • Medic-safe seating - Movable bucket seats that provide ergonomic advantages with easy access to patient and equipment.
  • Rounded corners with extra padding - Enhanced paramedic protection during transport and collision.
  • CrestClean antimicrobial coating - Powder coated surfaces with antimicrobial additives that prevent and protect surfaces from the growth of bacteria and destructive microorganisms.
Crestline focuses on innovative designs with ergonomics and flexibility
  • O2 to Go reduces risk of injuries – This exchange system assists personnel in loading, unloading and transporting high pressure tanks in a safe and effective manner.
  • Lower operational costs & downtime by eliminating corrosion - CrestCoat exclusive powder coat technology is the ultimate corrosion protection and is backed with a lifetime paint warranty.
  • Cab design & driver’s console - Ergonomic solutions to make paramedics jobs easier and provide the most comfortable working environment. Includes the deepest recess in the industry, convenient location of the map bin and optional laptop mount. Optional camera system with recording capabilities.
  • Multiple Oports & switching locations - Offers the convenience of having oxygen  outlets at various locations as well as the  ability to provide oxygen to multiple patients.
  • ACETECH Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution - Optional vehicle performance, monitoring and control system. Elevate efficiency, protect your vehicles and staff while reducing fuel and operating costs.
  • New style exterior doors provides improved patient privacy - Stronger rear doors with a 40/60 split and gas shocks that hold the doors open. Improved door seals and latch on the inboard side greatly reduces failures. This design provides improved patient privacy and protection.
Crestline ambulances are built to last. Our ambulances have a lower cost of ownership due to their superior durability
  • CrestCoat is one of the safest, most reliable & cost-effective corrosion protection – Provides superior corrosion resistance and industrial strength durability properties.
  • Higher fuel efficiency - Due to lower vehicle weight and aerodynamic design.
  • Simple wiring designed to minimize failure - Easy to diagnose and repair in the field.
  • Seamless exterior body provides advanced durability – Eliminates the risk of paint cracking and bubbling resulting in vehicle downtime.
  • Ducted HVAC system designed for ease of maintenance – Offers improved air output throughout ambulance.

Focus Groups

Crestline holds focus group sessions with industry ergonomists and our customers in order to provide the best ambulance design.  Through a user-centered approach, Crestline's maintains its position as an industry leader in ambulance ergonomics by incorporating the design principles of safety, comfort, productivity and efficiency.

Testing & Certifications

Crestline is committed to building one of the safest and best quality ambulances.
All aspects of Crestline ambulances are certified by performing tests both in-house and at certified testing laboratories.  View Crestline Certifications

These tests include:
  • Structural integrity
  • Equipment retention
  • Electrical system
  • Lighting intensities
  • Siren output and interior noise levels
  • HVAC
  • Seating