2009 Diamond Coach
USED 20pass/4wc


Unit Number: B11606   
Price: Please call for details (888) 887-6886
Status: In Stock
Chassis Make and Model: 2009 Ford E450
Conversion Make and Model: 2009 Diamond Coach
USED 20pass/4wc
Year: 2009
Seated Passenger Capacity: up to 20
Wheelchair Passenger Capacity: up to 4
Exterior Luggage Compartment: No
Interior Luggage Racks: No
Overhead Parcel Racks: No
Engine: Diesel
Transmission: Automatic
GVWR: 14,500
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Blue & Gray
Overall Length:
Overall Width:
Overall Height:
Exterior Graphics:
Wheelchair Lift or Ramp: RICON Klear Vue K5510 34" x 54" Lift
Wheelchair Restraints: Q-Straint QRT Max Slide 'N Click Four (4)
Floor Design: Raised
Heating System: Dual Rear 65,000K BTU Heaters
Air Conditioning System: Rear AC572T EM7 CM2 Compressor Tie-In 48,000 BTU