Startrans Candidate II 13pass


Unit Number: B12015   
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Please call: 1-888-887-6886
Status: In Stock
Chassis Make and Model: Ford Transit T350 13pass
Conversion Make and Model: Startrans Candidate II 13pass
Year: 2019
Seated Passenger Capacity: Max 13
Wheelchair Passenger Capacity:
Exterior Luggage Compartment: Yes
Interior Luggage Racks: No
Overhead Parcel Racks: Yes
Engine: 3.7L Gas
Transmission: 6 Speed Automatic
Wheelbase: 157"
GVWR: 10,350 lb
Exterior Color: White
Interior Color: Gray Vinyl Driver, Level 5 Black 'O' #819 High Back Passenger Seats
Overall Length: 282"
Overall Width: 84” (does not include mirrors)
Overall Height: 109” (does not include roof hatch or AC)
Exterior Graphics: None
Wheelchair Lift or Ramp: n/a
Wheelchair Restraints: n/a
Floor Design: Conventional Floor
Heating System: Two (2) 45,000 BTU low profile hot water heaters
Air Conditioning System: ACC 35,000 BTU tie-in
Additional Options Heated and remote mirrors, back-up camera, coved Gerfor Anthracite flooring, USR seat belts, am/fm/cd Bluetooth, stainless wheel inserts, level 5 black 'O' #819 high back passenger seats