Health Care

Health Care Buses 
The Advantages of purchasing Crestline buses
for your Health Care and Long Term Care facility

Wheelchair Accessibility: Mobility options with wide entrances, wheelchair ramps & lifts

Crestline buses meet all Canadian & Provincial safety standards

Seating Options: Flexible, spacious floor plans with fixed or folding seats


Reliability & Longevity: Buses built to stand up to harsh Canadian environments

Passenger Comfort: Options to provide a highly enjoyable & comfortable riding experience


Crestline Advantage: Finance solutions, mobile service technicians, certified service centres & customized vehicle training

 Contact a Crestline Sales Consultant to learn more about choosing the right bus for your Long Term Care facility.
ARBOC Spirit of Freedom

  Champion LF Transport
Spirit of Freedom  Learn more 
Up to 23 Passengers 
Low Floor Bus 

      LF Transport  Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers
Low Floor Bus

Berkshire Coach Ultra 24
Ultra 24   Learn more 
Up to 14 Passengers
      Ultra 28 ADA   Learn more 
Up to 18 Passengers
StarTrans Candidate II
  StarTrans Candidate II Transit
Candidate II   Learn more
Up to 14 Passengers
      Candidate II Transit   Learn more
Up to 14 Passengers
StarTrans Senator II
  StarTrans Senator II HD
Senator II   Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers
      Senator II HD   Learn more
Up to 32 Passengers
Berkshire Coach Ultra 34 ADA
Ultra 34 ADA   Learn more 
Up to 22 Passengers