CCL 150 - Type III (USA Model)


CCL 150 - Type III (USA Model)

Safety and durability at an affordable price.

 Chassis  Ford E350   Chevrolet G3500
 Overall Length  257"
 Overall Width
 Overall Height  102" (optional 106")
 102" (optional 106")
 68" (optional 72")
 68" (optional 72")
 Wheelbase  138"
 Payload Capacity**  2,900 lbs  3,800 lbs
Why Choose CCL 150
  • Factory backed Lifetime Paint Warranty
  • Multiplex Electrical System as standard feature
  • Built to last with increased durability and reliability, lowering cost of ownership
  • Designed for quick delivery and volume orders
  • Standardization for numerous systems creating a familiar environment for EMS professionals and ease of maintenance for Fleet Operators
  • Easy to maintain and remount
  • Optional 72" Interior Headroom
  • Optional CPR Seating 
  • Optional Cab Walk-through with Door
  • Optional Seven LED Whelen Emergency Lights on Front

Modular Body Construction   
  • 150" long X 96" wide body with68" interior, with 72" option available
  • Fully certified: meets or exceeds KKK-A-1822F and GVS V2.0 standards, including GVS V2.0 remountable standards
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • All aluminum extruded body, including cabinetry
  • Industry leading payload and available storage space
  • Promotes safety, aerodynamics and efficient remount process
  • Design supports efficient workflow and ergonomics for EMS professionals and patients
  • Floor construction designed for all cot systems
Aluminum Cabinets   
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • SAE Compliant Hardware
  • Lighter than wood reducing overall weight
  • Powder coated with antimicrobial coating for sanitary surfaces and easy cleaning
CrestCoat: Powder Coating Technology   
  • *Lifetime Paint Warranty
  • Durable powder coating finish stands up over vehicle lifetime
  • Lifetime warranty contributes towards lower cost
  • Increases module life for remounting
  • Environmentally friendly application
Multiplex Electrical System   
  • Robust multiplex system that is proven to reduce downtime and lower repair costs
  • Supports remote diagnostics and preventative maintenance
  • Fleet Operators do not require certified electrical technicians to perform maintenance or troubleshooting
Flush Mount Windows   
  • Automotive style windows for better visibility and corrosion resistance
  • Lower repair costs
  • Prevents leaks

Dual Entry Step   
  • Safer and easier access with first step lower to ground
  • Exclusive ergonomic feature designed for ambulatory patients
  • Eliminates repair with no moving parts
Rear Bumper Design   
  • Underbody design eliminates damage to module when bumper is impacted, reducing downtime for repair
  • Kick-plate protects body from impact damage and road debris, provides protection and reduces corrosion 
4" Radius Corners  
  • Improved aerodynamics, increased fuel efficiency and improved handling
O2 To Go  
  • Transport oxygen cylinders in a safe and effective manner
  • Lightweight and trouble-free with no systems to maintain
  • Reduces back injuries by eliminating the need to lift

Remount Advantage  
  • Remounting the extended life module on a new chassis saves thousands of dollars over purchasing a complete new ambulance
  • Minimal vehicle downtime
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Crestline Lifetime Structural Warranty applies

*Lifetime Paint Warranty - Crestline Coach Ltd. Ambulance warrants each original owner of a Crestline Coach Ltd. Ambulance, that under normal use and service, each new Crestline Coach Ltd. Ambulance CrestCoat Finish provided by Crestline Coach Ltd. Ambulance shall be free from defects of both material and workmanship, and further warrants that it will maintain such integrity for a period of LIFETIME UNLIMITED MILAGE.
**Estimated weight. Payload depends on options.

The CCL 150 offers 50.8 cu. ft. of exterior storage space.

The all aluminum underbody bumper protects the module in low impact collisions.

CrestCoat is a durable and cost effective corrosion prevention solution backed by a Lifetime Paint Warranty.

Multiplex Electrical System comes standard.

Aluminum cabinets are highly durable and long lasting.

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