Senator II MVP


StarTrans Senator II MVP

Raising the bar is something people have grown accustomed to from StarTrans Bus. Now StarTrans Bus raises the bar once again by offering the most capacity available on a Ford cutaway...the Senator II MVP. The MVP offers 24 plus rear luggage or 28 passenger floor plans, giving you the people-moving capacity and storage availability you desire without having to purchase a larger bus. Whether you are being shuttled around town or travelling longer distances, the Senator II MVP provides the safety and durability you demand via its fully welded steel cage construction. In addition, every one of our buses must go through rigorous testing and a meticulous quality assurance process before our name goes on it. So whether it's capacity, safety or durability that drives your next purchase, the Senator II MVP from StarTrans Bus delivers.

  • Fully welded aluminized steel cage construction with laminated sidewall structure meeting all applicable FMVSS requirements
  • 93″ interior width
  • 81.5″ interior floor to ceiling height with standard floor

  • Spacious interior with high-back seats and overhead luggage racks
  • Stylish fiberglass rear cap with rear luggage access door
  • Comfortable and easily-accessible driver’s area

Sample Floor Plans
24 Passenger Plus Rear Luggage  

28 Passenger


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