Senator II


StarTrans Senator II

As a leader in the medium-duty transit bus industry, the Senator II is backed by StarTrans' commitment to excellence. That's why design, durability and attention to detail are at the forefront


When it comes to design, the Senator II delivers. Engineered to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements, including wheelchair accessibility and various storage options in luggage, the Senator II gives you the versatility you need to meet your passengers' needs.


All of our products undergo a series of rugged testing procedures in Altoona, Pennsylvania, to ensure their structural integrity and we back our buses with a 5-year/75,000 mile body structural warranty.


StarTrans Bus doesn't take a backseat when it comes to passenger convenience and comfort. Wide aisles and doors for easy accessibilty, spacious luggage racks, large windows and straight side wall construction to maximize passenger shoulder space are just some of the benefits of the Senator II.

If you need buses that perform well, look great and deliver on promises, look to the Senator II from StarTrans Bus.

  • Fully welded aluminized steel cage construction with laminated sidewall structure meeting all applicable FMVSS requirements
  • 93" interior width
  • 80" interior floor to ceiling height with standard floor (raised floor is 75")

  • Optional ADA wheelchair lift mounted in the rear of the bus
  • Optional high-back seats, upholstery, padded cloth walls and ceiling, and overhead luggage racks Driver's switch panel conveniently located within view of the road and not on the engine cover
Interior with all the seats down

Interior with seats up and the wheelchair lift unfolded

Sample Floor Plans
12 Passenger 2 Wheelchair
4 Passenger Foldaway Seats Plus Driver

16 Passenger 2 Wheelchair
4 Passenger Foldaway Seats Plus Driver

20 Passenger with Interior Luggage Plus Driver
  21 Passenger with Rear Luggage Plus Driver
25 Passenger Plus Driver 

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