Tour & Charter Buses

Tour & Charter Buses

Crestline's selection of tour and charter buses are built with the strength and durability required for Canadian road conditions. These buses have spacious interiors and are able to accommodate a seating capacity of up to 47 passengers with many flexible floor plans to choose from. Enjoy better fuel economy in addition to lower operating and maintenance costs. There are many luxury upgrades and popular options available to make any touring adventure a great experience.

Contact a Crestline Sales Consultant to learn more about choosing the right bus for your tour and charter application.

StarTrans Senator II MVP

  Champion LF Transport
Senator II MVP   Learn more 
Up to 28 Passengers 

      LF Transport  Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers
Low Floor Bus

Berkshire Coach Ultra 24
      Berkshire Coach Ultra 28
Ultra 24   Learn more 
Up to 14 Passengers
      Ultra 28   Learn more 
Up to 26 Passengers
Berkshire Coach Ultra 34
      Berkshire Coach Ultra 42
Ultra 34   Learn more 
Up to 30 Passengers
      Ultra 42   Learn more 
Up to 43 Passengers
StarTrans Candidate II
  StarTrans Candidate II Transit
Candidate II   Learn more
Up to 14 Passengers
      Candidate II Transit   Learn more
Up to 14 Passengers
StarTrans Senator II
  StarTrans Senator II HD
Senator II   Learn more
Up to 25 Passengers
      Senator II HD   Learn more
Up to 32 Passengers
StarTrans PS/2
  ARBOC - Spirit of Equess
PS/2   Learn more 
Up to 45 Passengers
      Spirit of Equess   Learn more 
Up to 33 Passengers