Neonatal Ambulances


Pediatric Ambulances

Customized neonatal ambulances purpose-built for safely transporting newborns from their rural or remote communities to intensive care units. Crestline neonatal units can accommodate two patients and four medical staff in addition to a four-person cab for the driver, an extra attendant and the patient’s parents.

Special features can include:
  • Dual stretcher capability
  • Multiple oxygen & medical air port locations throughout
  • TV with integrated DVD player for the patients and forward facing display so the medics can see the road
  • FLIR ® infrared camera with interior display (assists the driver in the dark)
  • Zone defense camera system with 4 cameras throughout the vehicle (forward facing for medics to see the road, backup camera, patient camera for the driver to see in the back and cab camera)
  • Full Acetech vehicle intelligence system which includes multiple switch panels throughout the unit with driver feedback and AVI (GPS location tracking)
  • Intercom system with silent code light communication between the driver and medics
  • Interior blue and clear lighting and exterior ground lighting
  • Whelen Rota-Beam lightbar and M series lighting
  • Mac Lift for ease of patient entry and exit into the ambulance
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A New Pediatric Ambulance for the Children of Saskatchewan
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Blue ambient lighting to provide a soothing environment during travel.

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